Responsibility by Goodiebox

Our Story

Our ambition is to make Goodiebox the happiest company in the World – with the happiest members and the happiest team. Thus, we have a strong urge to not only make our members happier but also be versatile and take greater responsibility in general. We are working with responsibility in various ways both internally and externally and in the descriptions below we have outlined what we are already doing and what we are working on implementing.


1. Very low employee churn

as of june 2019
Only 2
have left Goodiebox in this period and 0 have been fired
50 new
have been hired since January 2019
4% yearly
in employees, which is impressive in itself, but even more impressive achieving it while growing as fast as we do. Comparable companies have employee churn rates closer to 30%.

2. Employee satisfaction

Going from being a company of 30 people in 2018 where everybody knew about everything and were involved in most processes to be +100 employees with more clear structures and roles is not an easy task as people tend to get frustrated by 2 change and new roles/structures. We have managed to keep employee-satisfaction and -engagement steady during this period where comparable companies normally would see a significant drop.

We’re using Peakon to measure employee-satisfaction, -engagement and NPS and are in the top 10% of comparable companies


We are constantly working on leaving fewer environmental footprints. These are the things we have already implemented and the projects we are working on:

Packaging materials

a. Current set-up:
i. All our packaging materials (boxes, paper, stickers etc.) are FCS certified (check 10-principles) and we are currently using Grade 1 paper (meaning it has been recycled once). Our paper-based packaging is a perfect fit for the circular economy. It’s 100% recyclable, bio-based and biodegradable.

ii. Our transportation is carbon neutral as we are paying carriers to offset it through carbon credits

b. Projects currently running:
i. Go from Grade 1 paper towards Grade 7 (paper that has been recycled 7 times)

ii. Becoming carbon negative with regards to packaging materials

iii. We are working with our manufacturer to reduce waste in the cutting process for our boxes

iv. We are working on having all our own products, sourced products (brands in the monthly box) and packaging materials transported by sea or road, eliminating the use of the most polluting transportation form - air freight

In-house brands (Comme Deux & Essentials)

a. Current set-up:
i. Comme Deux and Goodiebox Essentials are using the same packaging materials as used for our Goodieboxes (see above)

ii. When searching for a manufacturer for our In-house brands, it was important to us not just to find the cheapest option but also one we felt we could vouch for. Therefore, we have partnered up with a European manufacturer for these main reasons:

1. Transportation from production site to warehouse is way shorter than eg. from a cheaper Chinese manufacturer

2. We are 100% sure that our supplier lives up to European legislation when it comes to work environment, pollution, ingredients in the products etc.

iii. All our in-house brands are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly b.

Projects currently running:
i. We are currently working with our supplier to find a way to use 100% recycled glass and plastic for our bottles and containers

Brands in the Goodiebox

a. We have recently added carbon footprint and sustainability to the list of criteria that we are using to evaluate brands before partnering up with them. This doesn’t mean that we will only partner up with environmentally friendly brands, but it is an important criteria

b. At the moment we have 1 generic monthly box per market. Due to an increased demand for personalization we are working on offering a wider range of differentiated boxes, where a “green” box is on our list of potential boxes to introduce.

Social / Society

We have a strong urge to not only make our paying members happier but also be there for people in need.